Below are links to free, downloadable mp3 audio files that discuss some of the amazing stories, themes and characters in Shakespeare By Another Name. These audios have recently been broadcast across Europe on the German satellite radio channel Radioropa Hörbuch.

Each file is 10-20 minutes long—and ready to be loaded onto your phone or MP3 player, to be burned onto CD, or just to be listened to at your computer.

Episode 1 — Introducing... “Shakespeare”
Episode 2 — The Schooling o' The Bard
Episode 3 — France! Italia! Commedia!
Episode 4 — The Rest of Italy
Episode 5 — Hamlet and the Shrew-Tamer
Episode 6 — Foolish Lear, Noble Edgar, and a Lost Name
Episode 7 — Green-Eyed Shakespeare—Oh, The Jealousy!
Episode 8 — Red Herrings: Caught, Skinned, and Fried
Episode 9 — Why “Shakespeare” Matters

These mp3 files are also available (still for free download) on Apple's iTunes Music Store. If your computer has iTunes, click here to go straight to the iTunes page featuring these audio files (“Shakespeare-upon-iPod”). If you would like to download a free copy of iTunes, click here.

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This audio series is a complementary (as well as complimentary) promotional item and is altogether separate from the audiobook, published by Highbridge Audio.

The Shakespeare By Another Name audio series is available for radio stations to air for free. For broadcast-quality audio files, please contact the author.

The Shakespeare By Another Name audio series was produced by Mark Anderson and hosted and edited by Mark Anderson and Penny Leveritt. Quotations from Shakespeare and other Elizabethan texts were read by Stephen Eldredge, Timothy Holcomb and Christine Stevens and recorded by Chris Collingwood and Brad Thayer.

Please support the artists who supported us!:
Stephen Eldredge, Timothy Holcomb, and Christine Stevens, of Hampshire Shakespeare Company and DramaWorks Interactive, LLC... and Chris Collingwood, of the band Fountains of Wayne, whose new CD, Out-Of-State Plates was recently lauded by The Village Voice as “peerless pop.”

Outro music for the series, “Balthazar's Song,” was scored by Tim Cohan and performed by Tryst.

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