Journalist and author Mark Anderson devoted more than a decade to researching the life of Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, publishing articles on de Vere in Harper’s, The Boston Globe, and on Holding a masters degree in astrophysics, he has also written articles on science, technology, the environment, the arts and politics for Rolling Stone, Wired, Discover, Science, New Scientist, and National Geographic and Scientific American online. He lives in Massachusetts. "Shakespeare" by Another Name is his first book.

Anderson's next book is The Day the World Discovered the Sun: An Extraordinary Story of 18th Century Scientific Adventure & the Global Race to Track the Transit of Venus (Da Capo, May 2012).

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Anderson has given public talks about Edward de Vere and the "Shakespeare" authorship question for audiences of young and old, general audiences and specialists alike.

Cultural organizations, research centers and conferences from the National Theatre Institute of the Netherlands to FreedomFest in Las Vegas have featured Anderson as a highlighted speaker.

"Mark Anderson is a warm and engaging speaker who riveted the attention of his adult audience with his animated delivery and excellent visuals. The coincidences he chose between de Vere's life and the plays were compelling and fascinating. Many people have come up to me to tell me what a wonderful evening it was."

      —Ceci Nobel, education committee, Academy Art Museum, Easton, Md.

Colleges and universities from the City College of New York to Tamkang and National Ilan Universities in Taiwan have hosted Anderson's talks for both English and theatre majors and general audiences.
"Mark's paper on the authorship question and why we should care about it today set our entire conference off on exactly the right note. The responses were immediate and the audience of academics, students, and doubters -- both reasonable and unreasonable doubters -- were totally engaged. Not only was the paper articulate, insightful and profoundly challenging, it was also a delight. A truly terrific speaker. We'd love to have him again."

      —Don Rubin, Professor of Theatre Studies, York University, Toronto

High schools and prep schools from Deerfield Academy to Puget Sound Community School in Seattle have featured Anderson's classroom talks.
"Mark Anderson's presentation to our school achieved a perfect balance. He was energetic and witty while also being informative and thought-provoking. Students liked him because he was entertaining; teachers appreciated that our students were able to learn from him. One more thing: when told beforehand that most of our students had studied Shakespeare's sonnets in particular, Mark made a point to focus on that realm of the canon to allow our students to connect prior knowledge more effectively. He knows his stuff."

      —Anthony Westcott, English Department Chair, Eagle Hill School, Hardwick, Mass.
"I observed the students listening intently... keeping the audience of high school students engrossed. To achieve that goal with this age group is not an easy task. However, to repeat this task three times was quite an achievement."

      —Karen Anderson [no relation], instructor of English, Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Conn.

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